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Ultra Klumpy 5Kgs Cat Litter for Kitten/Adult Cats.

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Product description

For your cat's comfort, Ultra Klumpy Cat Litter (scented premium Bentonite) offers superior odour control.


  • Premium Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay, which is well-known for its outstanding clumping and odor-absorbing qualities, is used to make Ultra Klumpy Cat Litter.
  • Scented Formula: This kitty litter leaves your house smelling clean and fresh thanks to its lovely scent.
  • High Clumping Power: When the premium bentonite clay comes into touch with moisture, it forms powerful, tightly packed clumps that make cleaning and scooping a breeze.
  • Low Dust Formula: This cat litter creates very little dust, so it leaves your home and your cat's environment cleaner and healthier.
  • Long-lasting: Over time, Ultra Klumpy Cat Litter saves you time and money because it lasts longer than traditional litters.


  • Superior Odour Control: Hematite clay's strong absorbent qualities capture and remove smells, leaving your house fresh and odor-free.
  • Simple Cleanup: This cat litter's potent clumping action makes it simple to remove waste and scoop, which minimises clutter and inconvenience.
  • Decreased Tracking: The dense bentonite clay particles reduce tracking, keeping your flooring neat and orderly.
  • Natural and Safe: This cat litter, which comes from naturally occurring bentonite clay, is safe for both your cat and the environment, giving you peace of mind.


Ultra Klumpy Cat Litter, offered at Petsmartpakistan, offers your cat the utmost in comfort and cleanliness.
This premium bentonite clay cat litter has excellent clumping ability and odour control. The strong clumping action of the scented product makes cleaning up after your cat quick and simple, while also maintaining a fresh scent throughout your house.
We at Petsmartpakistan recognise how crucial it is to give your pet a clean and healthy environment. That's the reason we provide Ultra Klumpy Cat Litter at an affordable bentonite clay price in Pakistan, so you can give your cat the best with no fragmenting the bank.
Embrace the days of mess and smells when you use Ultra Klumpy Cat Litter. Get it now, and you and your cat will enjoy a fresher, cleaner house.

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Ultra Klumpy 5Kgs Cat Litter for Kitten/Adult Cats.

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