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We at PetsmartPakistan are pleased to offer our selection of dog milk replacers, where we recognize the importance of feeding your pet the best possible nutrition. Our selection of milk replacers, specifically formulated to meet the special nutritional needs of animals, guarantees that your furry friends will get the nutrition they need to get off to a great start in life. Explore our carefully selected assortment, ensuring you get off to the right start for your beloved pets.

Key Features

Nutrient Rich

Our dog milk replacer selection includes a nutrient-dense forage that closely resembles the natural ingredients found in milk. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these alternatives promote normal growth and development.

Simple Digestibility

We give top priority to the simplicity of puppies’ digestive systems. Because our dairy substitutes are designed to be easily absorbed, even tiny tummies can benefit from their nutritional value, improving overall health


Puppies have a few favourite foods. Kids love the sweet taste of our milk replacers, making it easy for you to ensure they get the nutrition they need without any problems.


Be confident in our calibre because our dog milk replacement choices are approved. Your puppy's health is our top priority, and we ensure that every product we offer meets the most stringent requirements for nutritional value and safety.

Easy Packaging

Our dairy selection features flexible packaging that simplifies quantity handling and storage. This assures that you can easily feed your dog the right amount of nutrients.

Cost of Dog Milk Replacer in Pakistan

Find the best and most affordable option of dog milk price replacer in Pakistan, where we offer a selection of options at different price points without sacrificing quality. Providing your kids with the nutrition they need is cheaper than ever. Check out our inventory to find the best milk alternatives that meet your needs.