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Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten (Local) Litter in 5Kgs & 16Kgs Packing Size

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Product description

Superior Clumping for Your Feline Friend with Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten (Local) Litter

Features of the Product:

  • Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten Litter has excellent clumping action that makes cleaning your cat's litter box easier.
  • Odor Control: This litter is designed to efficiently eradicate odors, leaving your home feeling clean and fresh.
  • Low Dust Formula: This formula reduces tracking and makes your cat's habitat cleaner.
  • Ethical and comfy: Suitable for cats and kittens alike, this litter offers your pet an easy-to-clean and comfy experience.
  • Long-lasting: By extending its shelf life, Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten Litter lowers the need for frequent litter changes.


  • Simple Maintenance: Cleaning and scooping the litter box is made quick and easy by the great clumping action.
  • Eliminates scents: The efficient odor control formula of Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten Litter lets you wave goodbye to offensive scents.
  • Less Mess: When pouring, the low dust formula creates less clouds of dust and less trailing throughout your house.
  • Comfortable for Your Pet: Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten Litter's soft texture makes it a cozy and welcoming place for your cat to relieve itself.
  • Cost-effective: Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten Litter provides excellent value for cash, offering superior performance at a competitive cat litter price in Pakistan.


Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten (Local) Litter, available at Petsmartpakistan, will keep your cat's litter box fresh and odor-free.

Because of the excellent clumping action of our litter, cleaning and scooping your cat's litter box is simple. With our powerful odor control product, you can wave goodbye to offensive smells and keep your house feeling clean and fresh.

The silky texture makes your kitty seem comfortable, while the reduced dust recipe reduces tracking and makes your cat's habitat cleaner. Ideal to be used by kittens and cats, Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten Litter presents durability that an affordable cat litter price in Pakistan.

Give your feline buddy the best litter box experience by using Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten (Local) Litter, which is convenient and effective. Get from Petsmartpakistan right now to experience a fresher, cleaner house for both you and your feline companion.

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Super Klumpy Cat/Kitten (Local) Litter in 5Kgs & 16Kgs Packing Size

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