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Super Clean Bentonite (Imported) Cat Litter

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Product description

Super Clean (Imported) Bentonite Cat Litter: Sophisticated Odor Control for a Fresh Air

Features of the Product:

  • Superior Bentonite Clay: Known for its remarkable absorbency and odor-controlling qualities, premium-grade bentonite clay is used to make our kitty litter.
  • Imported Quality: Our bentonite clay cat litter is sourced from leading vendors, guaranteeing exceptional performance and dependability.
  • Clumping Formula: When liquid waste comes into touch with bentonite clay, it forms tight clumps that make cleaning and scooping a breeze.
  • Low Dust Formula: The low dust formula of our kitty litter reduces tracking and mess in the house.


  • Better Odor Control Because bentonite clay is so extremely absorbent, aromas are efficiently trapped and neutralized, leaving your home feeling clean and fresh.
  • Simple Cleanup: Our cat litter's clumping formula makes maintaining a litter box easier, making cleanup quick and simple.
  • Long-lasting freshness is ensured by our bentonite clay cat litter's effective odor control and clumping action, which lowers the need for frequent litter changes.
  • Natural and Safe: Our cat litter, which is made from bentonite clay, is safe for cats and kittens and offers a cozy and clean litter box experience.


Super Clean Bentonite (Imported) Cat Litter, available at Petsmartpakistan, will keep your cat's litter box fresh and odor-free. Our cat litter, which is made from premium-grade bentonite clay, provides excellent absorbency and increased odor control for a hygienic and clean environment.

When our cat litter comes into touch with liquid waste, its clumping mix creates neat, easy-to-scoop clumps that make cleanup a breeze. The reduced dust composition also keeps your home neat and tidy by minimizing dirt and tracking.

We at Petsmartpakistan recognize how crucial it is to provide your cat with high-quality litter for their overall health and wellbeing. For this reason, we provide the best bentonite clay cat litter, guaranteeing your feline companion will enjoy an odor-free and cozy litter box.

Enjoy a clean and fresh-smelling house and discover the outstanding performance of our Super Clean Bentonite (Imported) Cat Litter. Get the best litter box hygiene for your cat by placing your order now.

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Super Clean Bentonite (Imported) Cat Litter

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