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Squeeky Wheel Rubber Teether

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Product description

Fun and Calm Chew Toy for Your Pet: Squeaky Wheel Rubber Teether

Product Features:

  • Sturdy Rubber Construction: Our teether is composed of premium rubber, which guarantees long-lasting durability for countless chewing sessions.
  • Squeaky Design: Playtime is made more enjoyable and exciting by the teether's integrated squeaker.
  • Textured Surface: Your pet's gums and teeth will enjoy chewing on this teether's raised bumps and ridges.
  • Simple to Clean: The rubber material is simple to clean, making hygiene and upkeep hassle-free.


  • Reduces Teething Pain: The rubber ball teether relieves sore gums and reduces teething discomfort in puppies and young dogs.
  • Enhances Dental Health: By removing plaque and tartar accumulation, chewing on the teether's rough surface helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • Interactive Play: Your pet will play longer and be more entertained thanks to the built-in squeaker, which promotes both mental and physical exercise.
  • Versatile Use: This teether is ideal for adult dogs who like to chew as well as puppies going through teething. It works well with dogs of all shapes and sizes.


Get our Squeaky Wheel Rubber Teether at Petsmartpakistan to keep your pet happy and comfortable during teething. This teether, which is made of sturdy rubber and can endure forceful gnawing, will keep your pet entertained for hours on end.

Our teether's rubber ball design not only makes it enjoyable to chew on, but it also helps to clean your pet's teeth and gums, which in turn promotes dental health. By massaging your pet's gums, the textured surface relieves teething discomfort and encourages good oral hygiene.

We at Petsmartpakistan know how important it is to give your pet toys that are both fun and safe. To make sure your pet gets the quality they deserve, we provide the best rubber ball teether.

Playtime with your pet will be enjoyable when you use our Squeaky Wheel Rubber Teether. Get your order in right away to provide your pet hours of pleasure and enjoyment.

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Squeeky Wheel Rubber Teether

Rs.250.00 PKR

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