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Nail Clipper With Filer Small

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Product description

Small Nail Clippers with Filer: Accurate Pet Grooming

The characteristics:

  • High-quality clippers: We use strong materials to provide long-lasting performance in our Nail Clippers With Filer Small.
  • This dual-functional gadget lets you precisely trim and smooth your pet's nails by combining the functions of a filer and nail clipper.
  • A pleasant grip is made possible by the ergonomic design, which also makes it easier to use and less taxing on the hands.
  • Safety Guard: By preventing over-trimming, the integrated safety guard makes sure that grooming your pet is both safe and kind.
  • Compact Size: Because of its compact size, it's perfect for cutting the nails of little pets like cats, small dogs, and other tiny creatures.


  • Effortless Nail cutting: The comfort and wellbeing of your pet are enhanced by the accurate and effortless nail cutting provided by our Nail Clipper With Filer Small.
  • Smooth Finish: You may avoid your pet getting tangled or uncomfortable by using the included filer to smooth rough edges after trimming.
  • Economical Solution: Our nail clipper offers an economical way to trim your pet's nails thanks to its reasonable price.
  • Convenient Access: With our online buying option, which delivers high-quality grooming supplies straight to your doorstep, finding an acrylic nail cutter near me has never been simpler.


With our accuracy and user-friendly Nail Clipper With Filer Small, you can make sure your pet's nails are always well manicured.

With this well-made instrument that combines the capabilities of clippers and nail scissors, you can efficiently and precisely cut and smooth the nails of your pet. Grooming sessions can be stress-free for you and your pet because of the ergonomic design, which guarantees a pleasant grasp.

Because safety is of the utmost importance, this nail clipper has an integrated safety guard that keeps you from over-trimming and offers a delicate and secure grooming experience. Because of its small size, it is ideal for cutting the nails of tiny pets, such cats and small dogs.

Our Nail Clipper With Filer Small provides an economical way to keep your pet's nails healthy at a reasonable price. Furthermore, it's never been simpler to get the ideal nail cutter price in Pakistan thanks to the ease of online ordering.

With our Nail Clipper With Filer Small, you can give your pet the proper grooming. Place your order right away to enjoy convenient nail care at your fingertips.

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Nail Clipper With Filer Small

Rs.300.00 PKR

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