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Dog Leash with Rubber Grip

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Product description

Leash with Rubber Grip for Comfortable and Stylish Dog Walking

Features of the Product:

  • Sturdy Construction: To ensure endurance and durability, our dog leash is crafted from premium materials.
  • Rubber Grip Handle: For safe and easy handling during walks, the leash has a rubber grip handle.
  • Adjustable Length: The leash's length can be changed to meet your dog's preferred walking speed.
  • Robust gear: outfitted with robust gear, such as a tight clasp, to guarantee the control and safety of your dog.


  • pleasant Grip: Our dog leash's rubber grip handle offers an ergonomic and pleasant grip, making it easier on your hands to hold during walks.
  • Safety and Control: Our leash gives you the best possible control over your dog's movements, so you can walk with confidence knowing that they are safe. It is made of sturdy materials and sturdy hardware.
  • Versatile Use: This leash is perfect for everyday walks, training sessions, and outdoor activities. It fits dogs of all sizes.
  • Elegant Design: Our leash's modern appearance makes you and your dog stand out when you go for walks together.


With our Dog Leash with Rubber Grip, available at Petsmartpakistan, you can ensure that every stroll with your pet is cozy and pleasurable. Our dog leash in Pakistan is made from premium materials and is made to resist normal wear and tear, giving you long-lasting durability.

You can keep control over your dog without hurting your hands thanks to the rubber grip handle's firm and pleasant hold. Our adjustable leash gives you freedom to match your dog's activity level and gait.

We at Petsmartpakistan know how important it is to give your pet dependable and fashionable accessories. Because of this, our dog leash blends style and utility to make sure that both you and your dog look fantastic when taking walks.

With this dog leash, you may enjoy hassle-free walks with your furry friend and experience comfort and convenience. Place your order right now to experience dog walking like never before. 

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Dog Leash with Rubber Grip

Rs.450.00 PKR

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