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Dog Leash

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Product description

Dog Leash: Maintain the Safety and Security of Your Canine Friend

Features of the Product:

  • Sturdy Construction: We use premium materials to ensure the durability and lifetime of our dog leash.
  • pleasant Handle: To ensure a stable grasp when walking, the leash is made with a pleasant handle.
  • Adjustable Length: The leash's length can be changed to accommodate different walking styles.
  • Safe Attachment: Our leash's strong metal clasp guarantees a safe fit around your dog's collar or harness.


  • Safety and Control: By giving you command over your dog's movements, a dog leash can help to keep them safe and prevent mishaps.
  • Training Aid: Training dogs to walk on a leash is a crucial component of teaching them obedience, and using our leash facilitates and expedites this process.
  • Convenience: Using a leash makes walking your dog more pleasurable and convenient. It also lets you explore together worry-free.


Get our Dog Leash at Petsmart Pakistan to protect your dog and have stress-free walks. Our leash, which is made of sturdy materials and is built to survive regular usage, will give you and your dog peace of mind and dependability.

Our leash's soft handle makes it possible to grip it securely and comfortably, which lessens hand fatigue during extended walks. You may customize the leash to your favorite walking distance thanks to its adjustable length.

We at Petsmart Pakistan know how important it is to give your pet the finest care possible. Because of this, our dog leash in Pakistan is made with functionality and durability in mind, guaranteeing your dog's comfort and safety when out on walks.

Shop our wide range of dog leash in Pakistan now to take your cherished dog for worry-free walks. Place your order right now to see for yourself how dependable and convenient our leash is. 

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Dog Leash

Rs.450.00 PKR

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