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Cat Shiny Collar

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Product description

Cat Shiny Collar: Uplift Your Cat's Appearance and Security

Features of the Product:

  • Sturdy Material: We use premium materials to ensure the lifespan and durability of our cat collars.
  • shining Design: Your cat's appearance will seem more refined with each collar's shining finish.
  • Size Adjustability: The collar may be made to fit cats of all shapes and sizes, guaranteeing a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Safety Buckle: Our collars come with a safety buckle that is intended to release under pressure in order to avoid choking problems.


  • Enhanced Style: Your cat will stand out because to the flashy design of our cat collars, which gives them flair.
  • Safety Assurance: You can rest easy knowing that your cat is protected from mishaps thanks to the safety buckle feature.
  • Identification: To assist identify your cat and warn birds and small animals of their presence, attach ID tags or bells to the collar.


 Our Cat Shiny Collar, available at Petsmart Pakistan, will enhance your cat's appearance while guaranteeing their safety. These cat collars are made of strong fabrics and are made to resist normal wear and tear while keeping your feline friend safe and fashionable.

Our shiny-finish collars give your cat an extra dose of glitz and make them the talk of the town. Cats of different sizes may wear comfortably thanks to the adjustable size, and the safety buckle adds an extra layer of security against mishaps.

When it comes to your pet, we at Petsmartpakistan know how important style and safety are. For your cat's protection, these cat collars come with safety features in addition to being stylish.

Give your pet the gift of safety and flair by perusing our selection of cat collars in Pakistan today. Place your order right now to see your cat walk with grace and assurance.

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Cat Shiny Collar

Rs.200.00 PKR

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